We have 20 Naotory GPS devices and plan to buy more – our company is growing, and as we acquire other businesses we plan to outfit those trucks as well.

...Andrea Willson

Great Product, Great Personnel. I had a great experience with the Naotory tracking units and the personnel representing them. The products arrived at the customer's office in a timely fashion, making it easy to complete the job without any issues.

...Chez Pharmaceutical

We absolutely love the Naotory product and it has paid for itself many times over.

...Olite Manufacturer. Coy

Vehicle Recovered, Arrests Made Our car (Audi A4) was stolen on Saturday night. It left the building at 7:38 pm and by 8 pm we realized it was stolen. The tech logged on and tracked it. We found it was driving around and then parked for 6 minutes. Cops were dispatched and the car was recovered. As far as we’re concerned, the Naotory units just paid for themselves! We’re buying more.

...Olise Sylvernus