Live Tracking

Naotory's fleet vehicle tracking is a wireless solution for managing fleet vehicles. It automatically sends tracking updates every sixty seconds or whatever time interval you choose whenever the vehicle's engine is on. Each tracking update indicates if the vehicle is in motion or idling. Naotory's fleet vehicle tracking management also monitors the vehicle's performance and can send real-time alert notifications if any problems occur. The Naotory solution is web-based and easy to use. The solution consists of:

  1. A monitoring unit installed inside the vehicle
  2. A Naotory-provided website to deliver location reports, fleet vehicle tracking reports, utilization information, maintenance reminders, vehicle history logs, and more.
  3. Our GPS Tracking Platform is Free to all our customers. NO MONTHLY OR YEARLY FEES                     

GPS Tracking Software platform: 

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Password: 123456

GPS Tracking platform:

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